Dror Haratz, MD

Prof. Harats is CEO and Director at VBL Therapeutics. Prof. Harats has more than 20 years of experience in research in the field of medicine and biotechnology, as well as a strong background in management of early- to mid-stage biotechnology companies.  He is also a professional and experienced consultant specializing in Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical healthcare companies. A professor of medicine in the department of internal medicine and the department of human molecular genetics and biochemistry at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Prof. Harats is the President of the Bert Strassburger Lipid Center, chair the division of R&D and the Chairman of the IRB committee of the Sheba Medical Center, supervising about 2000 clinical trials annually.
Prof. Harats received his M.D. from the Hadassah Medical School, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Following an internship at Sheba Medical Center and a residency in Medicine at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, he conducted a fellowship in pulmonary medicine and research in Molecular Genetics at The University of California in San Francisco (UCSF). He was then a Visiting Scientist at Syntex Discovery Research for three years. Prof. Harats published more than 180 peer-reviewed research papers and chapters in books, his publications rewarded him with numerous prizes and grants.